Candia was established in 1973 by Charalambos and Emmanouel Velivasakis. In a short period, faithful to the value of a good sleep, persistent about quality and love of nature, they managed to expand their activities. In 1980 they move the enterprise to their own building at the Spata region.

Nowadays, a second generation keeps the family tradition going with the same drive and love but also with new ideas.

Going through its fourth decade of operation, Candia offers innovative solutions and high quality sleep products that can serve the needs of a family but also of up to a large hotel.

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The people of Candia are uncompromising for quality, passionate and determined to create innovative and reliable sleep products. In the heart of every Candia mattress you will find exactly the same as in the hearts of our people: a passion for perfection!

Our vision as people of Candia is to always offer absolute quality and sleep experience, to make mattresses that grant such a satisfying and reviving sleep so that anyone who wakes up is refreshed and ready to enjoy each moment of the day filled with energy and a good mood.

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The combination of experience, technological adequacy, and also the materialisation of reliable and high-quality products, results in our swift development and presence with 100 stores in Greece and abroad. In specific, our entry to foreign markets took place with the innovative category of Bodyfix handmade mattresses, which are made from 100% natural materials and exclusively by hand. Currently, Candia is present in 10 countries, in Europe and Asia, with a total of 27 stores.

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At Candia we have chosen raw materials that offer the right support to the spine, but at the same time the comfort needed so that there is no pressure on the shoulders or hips. With respect, knowledge and experience we choose the best materials, 100% natural, and the finest raw materials, to create a unique experience of sleep. All the materials that we use have been properly processed, in order to meet the hygiene criteria of a mattress.

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All Candia sleep products are produced at top quality and certified by quality management system ISO 9001, as well as the environmental management certification ISO 14001.

We also use textiles certified from the ΟΕΚΟ-ΤΕΧ STANDARD 100, a worldwide independent safety system for textile certifications.




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