What does Candia mean;

Heraklion, as it was called in the past by the Venetians, when Crete was a colony of the Venetian Republic. Today it is still called by Italian speakers, "Kingdom of Candia".

Examples of sentences using the noun:

- I've been sleeping on a CANDIA mattress for 10 years and it's like new!!

- I finally decided!! The mattress I will buy will be CANDIA!!

Who are the owners of Candia;
The company was founded in 1973 by Emmanuel and Charalambos Velivasakis. Now the 2nd generation of the family has taken over the management.
Where are Candia sleep products manufactured?
All CANDIA sleep products are manufactured in Spata Attica, in the company's own facilities. From there, thousands of products travel around the world every year.


What is the best mattress for me?

There is no "best" mattress. At CANDIA, the service is based on the investigation of needs and the Sleep experts are there to give you the best possible solution for your every need and for every occasion. The only thing that is certain is that at CANDIA, you will find the mattress that suits you, regardless of your budget.

How to choose a mattress?
There are many ways to choose a mattress, but only one is scientific. Now with the CANDIA x-sensor, you can choose the mattress that suits your body type. Combined with the help of a sleep expert that you will find in all CANDIA stores, your choice will be the best possible.
How can I make sure my mattress is not a "fake" CANDIA?
There are three ways to confirm that your mattress is CANDIA. All products have a small red CANDIA label on the seams. Your product is transported in freight packaging with the CANDIA logos. You will find 3 tags on the mattress. The vertical, the corner and the tab with the qr code that hangs and leads to the warranty conditions.


Materials we use:

At CANDIA we have chosen raw materials that provide the right support for the spine, but at the same time the comfort needed so that there is no pressure on the shoulders or hips. With respect, knowledge and experience we select the best raw materials to create a unique sleeping experience. All the materials we use have been properly processed to meet the hygiene criteria of a mattress. All our CANDIA sleep products are produced with the highest quality and guaranteed by the ISO 9001 control system. See all materials here.

All Candia sleep products are produced at top quality and certified by quality management system ISO 9001, as well as the environmental management certification ISO 14001. We also use textiles certified from the ΟΕΚΟ-ΤΕΧ STANDARD 100, a worldwide independent safety system for textile certifications.


How can I place an order?

You can place your order in a CANDIA store, by phone or via

Can I receive my order on Saturday because I am away from home on weekdays?
Within Attica, all deliveries are made from Monday to Friday, mainly in the afternoon hours and according to the schedule of routes served by CANDIA. Nevertheless, you can indicate in your order whether it is convenient for you to have the delivery made at a certain time and day.


How can I contact the after sales department?

At CANDIA, we are committed to responding to all of our customers' requests within 48 hours. We have a new tool where you can quickly enter your details and your issue and we will get back to you within 48 hours. If you have any questions about your product follow the link here.

How guarantee works?
See the full guarantee manual here.

Dear customer, thank you for choosing our products. Our company, focused on the production of mattresses since 1973, guarantees an excellent quality and hygiene of materials as well as a fully controlled production process - based on international standards - ensuring in any case, the production of aesthetic, sanitary and functional products

     All you need to know about your new mattress...    

Instructions of your new mattress

Take care of the mattress in order to keep it in good condition and maximize its lifespan.

  • The mattress should be placed on a stable base without large gaps; otherwise the product will be permanently damaged, for which Candia is not responsible.
  • You should turn the mattress upside down every 3 months in order to be ventilated and to avoid creating body imprints
  • Choose and use one of the protective covers of Candia (coating), to avoid human secretion stains and many more.
  • Do not smoke on the product. The slow-burning properties of materials do not completely guarantee your safety.
  • Do not use water on the product. It can be absorbed and create internal moisture and unpleasant odors.
  • Do not use the handles to lift the mattress. The handles shall be used only for slight displacement of the product, as long as it has already been put on the mattress support.
  • Do not rest very heavy objects on the mattress, do not jump and do not stand upright on the mattress because there is a risk of permanent damage of these points.
  • The mattress absorbs odors from the ambient space, so you need to regularly ventilate it in order to ensure its hygiene, leaving it uncovered for a few hours.
  • Time to get used to your mattress. When replacing your mattress, it’s quite common to feel uncomfortable during the first use. This is normal due to the differentiation of pressures exerted on your body. Depending on your body type and the structural differences between the old and the new mattress, a period of 2 to 4 weeks is required in order your body to get used to the new pressures.
  • Keep this brochure for future reference after purchase of the product because it contains necessary information and the terms of guarantee.

Terms of guarantee

  • The guarantee of mattress is valid for normal use.
  • Where the control demonstrates that the damage is guaranteed, Candia shall repair or replace you mattress in case it is not repairable.
    In any case, Candia shall cover the repair cost. Candia shall not cover the transportation cost if the product is located outside Attica.
  • • Where the control demonstrates that there is no defect or the defect is due either to improper use of the product or bad condition of covering, you'll be asked to pay the following charges:
    30€: If our expert has located the damage in customer’s place and 40€: If the damage id located in our facilities


The above prices refer to the price list of 2020 and may be adjusted where appropriate.

The guarantee covers

  • The period of guarantee indicated on each mattress
  • The abnormal behavior of construction materials of the mattress
  • The purity and hygiene of materials when the mattress received
  • The unacceptable construction of the product, as defined in the production procedures applied by Candia and which are in line with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001.
  • Fall of mattress surface greater than 2 cm


The creation of small local cavities due to normal body imprints on the mattress, are considered completely normal. To measure the depth of cavities place a ruler in width of the mattress and measure using the ruler or a metal measure band the gap of cavity; if the if the measurement is equal to or less than 2 cm, the cavity is considered normal. Such measurement is carried out 6-8 hours after the last use of the mattress. During the measurement do not push the area of control.

Moreover, in case of an unacceptable cavity (>20cm), please check the covering for cases such as:

  • Dislocation or large gaps between boards
  • Broken boards or boards that easily bend
  • Medical base in which the curvature of strips is downward
  • Deviation in the external dimensions of mattress greater than 1,5cm per side dimension.

The guarantee does not cover the following

  • Folding of mattress
  • Fall of surface due to jumps and standing up on the mattress.
  • Total or local wetting of mattress
  • Damage from burning or cigarette
  • Use of chemical cleaners
  • Fabrics wear or tear from the base, the bed or a sharp object.
    Lack of surface protection, resulting in the creation of stains from human secretions. Candia reserves the right not to control a mattress- defective or not- if there are a lot of stains from human secretions
  • Lifting the mattress using the handles thus may cause damage on the handles
    Cavity equal to or smaller than 2 cm
    Dirty mattress or mattress on which mold has been created due to the humidity of ambient space
  • Moreover, the guarantee does not cover the personal preferences regarding the technical characteristics of product, for example unwanted firmness of mattress
  • Bad use of electric blanket.


To report any defect, please contact Candia customer service department at the on-line form CLAIM

New mattress guarantee by Candia

The new mattress collection of CANDIA, coming to you with a new "fresh" guarantee. NEW GUARANTEE, will support you from the first day of purchase.



For first time in Greece, Candia guarantee complete and immediate replacement – not repair – within a reasonable time and subject to conditions:

Collection Replacement period
ESSENTIAL Up to 6 months
PRINCIPAL Up to 6 months
LUXURIANT Up to 1 year
INVENTOR Up to 2 year


Our trust in both materials and the production process allows us to offer a warranty with free repair for long periods of time:

Collection Period of free repair
ESSENTIAL Up to 2 year
PRINCIPAL Up to 3 year
LUXURIANT Up to 5 year
INVENTOR Up to 7 year


Finally, instead of discounts on the repair price list, in a future period that cannot be budgeted, it is possible to repair at a specific cost, corresponding to a specific percentage of the price list value, before discounts:

Collection Repair with charge at a percentage of the price list value
ESSENTIAL 25% on the price – for the 3rd year
PRINCIPAL 25% on the price – for the 4th and 5th year
LUXURIANT 20% on the price – for the 6th and 7th year
INVENTOR 15% on the price – for the 8th,9th and 10th year


CANDIA Central Offices: 18th km. Spaton Avenue, Spata 19004
Tel.: 210 6633700 | |




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