Thank you for visiting us at Salone Del Mobile.Milano 2023

CANDIA was present for the 12th consecutive time at Salone del Mobile.Milano where hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world flooded the exhibitors' stands, despite the global turbulence.

CANDIA stood out of them with a booth reminding the calming atmosphere of the Mediterranean Sea, the very same sea that was a source of inspiration for the newest mattresses of Inventor, Luxuriant and Principal collections that became the major attraction. Visitors showed interest in every aspect of the products: the patterns on the fabrics, the innovative raw materials, and the technology behind the production that ensures a mattress is suitable for each person and their needs. They focused on the sustainable fabrics used for the iconic beds of the Heritage and Nostalgia collection, but also on the production stages of the unique Knossos, Kydonia and Kamares that are made with handmade methods, know-how derived from Bodyfix mattresses.


QUALITY – INNOVATION – SUSTAINABILITY, values of CANDIA, accompanied the exhibits and were explained to the visitors. CANDIA is a company that has chosen to innovate, not to compromise on quality issues and to select raw materials and processes that respect the natural environment.


CANDIA's top management, export and hotel sales managers were present to welcome partners and guests and introduce them to the CANDIA philosophy. A different approach to well-being and good sleep that promises just that: "Waking up and staring at the first light of the day full of energy and in a good spirit, while surrounded by the refreshing breeze of the Mediterranean sea, is the feeling we are bringing to all of you that choose a CANDIA product.”


We participate at international exhibitions

CANDIA will be present at EquipHotel Paris, November 6-10.

CANDIA has built a relationship of trust with the leading representatives of the #hotel industry, through its high-quality products, especially the #handmade #mattresses Bodyfix. In this context, CANDIA’s team responsible for the Hospitality Sector will be present at the international exhibition EquipHotel Paris 2022, welcoming business partners worldwide.
"Mattresses specially made for the demands of the hotel industry, as well as complete bedroom equipment, which will make every guest reminisce about the hours they rested, so that they can have an overall memorable experience from your accommodation"... this is CANDIA's promise to its partners, as stated by Mr George Velivasakis, chairman of the Board of Directors and responsible for the #hospitality segment of CANDIA.

"CANDIA is awarded at the Export Leaders Awards”

CANDIA was distinguished at the EXPORT LEADERS AWARDS 2021, for its performance in the field of extroversion. The extroversion and the strengthening of the presence of Greek companies in foreign countries is a key lever for the restart of our country's economy. CANDIA's entry into foreign markets was realized with the innovative collection of handmade Bodyfix mattresses, which are made from 100% natural materials and exclusively by hand.

Today, CANDIA exports to 13 foreign countries with a total of 44 points; of sale in Europe and Asia (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, China, Korea, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Poland and Russia). In 2017, it entered the markets of Asia with two stores in China and Korea, while in the same market, it is already its 3rd, under construction, concept store.

A strong message of optimism for the restart of the economy was conveyed by all participants in the digital forum "Export Leaders 2021" of NEW TIMES, with especially important presences from both government agencies and business executives.

Candia member of the European organization EBIA

Wake up. See the sky as your limit.

With joy and special honor, we announce that we now belong to the European members of the organization EBIA (EUROPEAN BEDDING INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION).

As a member of EBIA we want to highlight our company's values ​​related to the environment, health and safety to the whole world.

For all of us at Candia, quality, at every stage of production, remains our primary concern. At the same time, the research department (R&D) of our company works daily on innovative ideas in order to offer the consumer innovative products based on advanced materials and techniques.


CANDIA pioneers and launches a new product creating a trend in the market. The LAZZZY, mattress in a box is here to stay using the communication motto «Sleep out of the box» and customers have already shown a great interest.

The mattress is in a box and fits any body type. The mattress in a box is delivered contactless on your doorstep giving you a free trial offer for 30 nights. Shipping is free within Greece and within 5 days.

Lazzzy is sold exclusively online and on company’s website candia.gr. The perfect relaxing mattress, with a modern design and special ventilation system for air recycling and hygiene, fully supports your body. It contains memory foam and a 5-year guarantee.  Visit candia.gr for more information.


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New CANDIA store in the center of Thessaloniki

A new CANDIA store has opened its doors in the center of Thessaloniki at 92 Mitropoleos Street, and its team is waiting to show you around, in a Mediterranean and welcoming setting.


In an area of ​​180 sq.m. the design and decoration were adapted to serve the philosophy of the double award-winning concept store in harmony with the Mediterranean architecture. With the guidance of CANDIA's sleep experts, guests can lie down on the mattress of their dreams in atmospheric and warm spaces, with special "Bedroom furniture", living a special experience.

In addition, in the store you can find a complete range of sleeping accessories (such as: mattresses, pillows, linens) as well as products from the new Mediterranean Accessories collection that you will love at first sight.


The CANDIA company continues to dynamically develop its network of stores, and to conquer a significant share of the Greek market by offering quality, innovative and differentiated products.


CANDIA ‘awakens’ the international audience of Salone del Mobile in Milan

The past 7th consecutive years, Candia participates in Salone Del Mobile exhibition in Milan, presenting the unique handmade mattress collection, BODYFIX. The company's philosophy along with the quality products gave the visitors the opportunity to feel closer to the breeze and the people of the Mediterranean and to "travel" to a setting inspired by the Cycladic architecture and the mountain formations that you find in Santorini.

Salone del Mobile exhibition is a global reference point for furniture and design, where new trends in furniture design are introduced. This year has attracted over 400,000 visitors from 165 countries.

Candia, faithful to its philosophy and the brand’s promise "WAKE UP IN THE MEDITERRANEAN", invited visitors of the exhibition in a Cycladic landscape. This year's ‘call’ has been influenced by the natural landscape & architecture of the world-famous Santorini! The design approach was based on the values routed in the Mediterranean, the same values that frame the new image of CANDIA.

Mr. Michalis Velivasakis, co-owner & commercial director of Candia quoted: "After 7 years of continuous presence in the Milan’s international exhibition, we see our visitors and partners looking forward to seeing us on the fair ... each year presenting something new and creative!"

Candia's dedication and trust to what the Mediterranean offers, is present not only via the company’s presence in the fair but also via the products themselves. The same philosophy is followed in the creation of the unique BODYFIX handmade collection. The mattresses are manufactured by experienced craftsmen by hand at every stage of their production with the exclusive use of natural materials such as olive oil, cotton and horse hair.

In a mass-producing world, Candia dares to be different, based on the belief that there is only one way to create a real masterpiece: by hand!

New stores in Marousi & Nea Erythrea

Two new CANDIA stores have been added to the sales points of the chain of the same name. In the Northern Suburbs of Attica, specifically in Marousi and Nea Erythrea, they opened their doors and are waiting to show you around their premises, exuding memories and smells of the Mediterranean.


The design, decoration and visual merchandising were adapted to serve the philosophy of the double award-winning concept store in harmony with the Mediterranean architecture. The shops have already caught the eye of passers-by thanks to their special window displays and artwork with sculpted olive trees. Guided by CANDIA's sleep experts, guests can lie down on the mattress of their dreams in atmospheric, bright and warm spaces, living a special experience. The decoration is completed by products from the new Mediterranean Accessories collection that will be loved at first sight.

CANDIAcontinues undaunted to expand its business activities, even in a difficult Global period and conquer a significant share of the Greek market, firmly believing that every crisis period hides challenges accompanied by opportunities.

Candia Flagship store in Athens honored with ‘Best Interior & Concept Store’ Awards from Retail Interior Organization!

The Retail Interiors Awards 2017, that took place on Tuesday, January 23rd, awarded Candia’s new flagship store in Athens on 2 major categories. Retail Awards highlight & award the most important interior designs and decoration projects in the retail industry, creating a unique environment for the visitor. Candia was awarded with the Silver Award in the Best Interior -non Food category, for the innovative architecture and interior design of the flagship store, as well as the unique experience it offers to the visitor. The second Silver Award won in the Concept Store category rewards the philosophy and the central idea behind the store design, under the creative platform WAKE UP IN THE MEDITERRANEAN

The stores architecture stretches to 700 square meters and has two levels and its main goal is to
convey the visitor to an awakening in the world and the breeze of the Mediterranean. The design
approach was based on the values ​​routing in the Mediterranean, the same values ​​that surround
the new image of CANDIA.
The conceptual architecture of the store over which the new corporate image unfolds:
- introduces the visitor to an experiential living, with sceneries that activate the visitors emotion
- activates design values ​​with the natural ingredients of the Mediterranean, such as: wood, stone,
pebbles, clay, white plaster, straw, herbs but also sun, wind, sea and earth
- uses the human senses, the eyesight, hearing, touch, smell as a means of perceiving,
understanding, and highlighting the unique characteristics of products
A story telling begins with entering Candias flagship store, urging the visitor to discover the
company values, the philosophy of the brand and to begin a narrative that stems from Mediterranean
parties and people.

We celebrated 10 years of successful presence in the city of Kozani

The successful course of CANDIA in Kozani was sealed with a beautiful celebration for the store's 10 years of operation, on Friday, September 27, at Smyrnis Street 25 in the city center. The decoration, the music, and the festive atmosphere of the evening caused positive impressions and the guests enjoyed a Mediterranean evening.


After years of perfect presence in the city, CANDIA proceeded to renovate the specialized store with mattresses, beds and sleep products. The store was designed according to the standards of Candia's new award-winning concept stores. The design, decoration and architecture of the store was adapted to serve the "Wake up in the Mediterranean" philosophy so that customers live a special Mediterranean experience. It is a bright, functional, and imposing space thanks to the special "Bedroom furniture" that dominates the interior space.

New CANDIA store in Ioannina

On Saturday, September 28, the CANDIA family grew by opening another store in Ioannina, at the 4th km E.O. Ioannina - Athens. The new store is located at the entrance of the city and has already become a meeting point for anyone who wants quality sleep products and accessories. A large number of people attended this Mediterranean evening with the wonderful decoration. Representatives of the local authorities and friends participated in this festive atmosphere.

A jewel store for the city of Ioannina, with its wooden facade and wonderful exterior layout, it extends over 180 sq.m. and is designed according to the "Wake up in the Mediterranean" philosophy and the standards of Candia's new award-winning concept stores. The visitor experiences a special experience through an "awakening" to the world and the aura of the Mediterranean and this is what it conveys to all consumers who choose its products. The architectural design of the store is based on a communication code that stems from the experiences, memories, people, places, words that shape us, that inspire us, that we love.

This new philosophy is also followed in the manufacturing of the company's products, with a unique collection of handmade mattresses, which are made by experienced artisans by hand at every stage of production, with the exclusive use of natural materials.

MADE IN GREECE awards for the BODYFIX handmade mattress collection

CANDIA has won the INNOVATIVE PRODUCT award at the MADE IN GREECE 2017 awards with the BODYFIX hand-made mattress collection. The awards are organized by the Greek Academy of Marketing, with the aim of highlighting and rewarding Greek companies that achieve outstanding performance in the creation and distribution of their products. In this renowned organization, they have been distinguished 100 companies over the past years for their quality, innovation, extroversion and their brand power, that take key role to the company’s growth and prosperity.

The awards run with the support of the Greek Ministry of Rural & Food Growth and the ceremony took place on 11th of December at Athens Concert Hall (‘Megaron’), in a festive evening for Greek production.

The INNOVATIVE PRODUCT award was received from Mr. Giannis Velivassakis, Director of Retail, who stated: "It is an honor for us to receive this award from this distinguished institution, rewarding a truly unique product, the manufacture tradition of which has been transferred from generation to generation and that only a few companies worldwide can manufacture. This commitment and dedication for quality products and love for a restful sleep is transferred to us from our parents and today we are proud to see the handmade collection being loved in Greece and abroad. "


Candia is the 1st company in Greece that manufactured the handmade BODYFIX mattresses in 1983, and now exports to more than 12 countries in Europe & Asia. This unique mattress is made by experienced artisans entirely by hand with 100% natural materials, a process that may last up to 12 hours! They also incorporate CANDIA's global innovation, the treatment of fabrics with olive oil that offers natural antibacterial protection and neutral Ph.

Candia has already been awarded as a SUPERBRAND in 2016 and continues its distinction at the MADE IN GREECE awards for the commercial success and importance of the innovations embodied in the handmade BODYFIX collection.

New CANDIA store in Patra

On Friday, September 6, the new CANDIA store in Patras was inaugurated, sealing the company's successful course.


The store is located at the central entrance of the city and extends over approximately 150 sq.m. It has been designed according to the standards of the new award-winning CANDIA concept stores with the philosophy of Wake up in the Mediterranean.


This beautiful event was attended by a large number of people, including representatives of the Municipality and journalists from local media. The music, decoration, catering and lighting framed the evening with a Mediterranean character.


Guests had the opportunity to try the mattress that suits them with the guidance of Candia's sleep experts. The wide variety of mattresses combined with the new collections of beds and sleeping accessories, covered even the most special requirements.


CANDIA remains the only company in Greece that manufactures handmade mattresses and has global innovation for treating its fabrics with olive oil, offering them natural antibacterial protection


CANDIA promised an awakening in the Mediterranean with the new campaign 'WAKE UP IN THE MEDITERRANEAN'. With a renewed logo & new promise, the CANDIA mattress company launched a new advertising campaign on Tuesday, September 5, 2017 communicating the new brand ID. In the new advertising spot, Candia invites consumers to experience an awakening in the Mediterranean, with the slogan WAKE UP IN THE MEDITERRANEAN.

Creative Idea

The advertising spot is based on this philosophy. Clearly and creatively, it captures the influence of the Mediterranean with vibrant images that smell aromas and reminds you of the sounds and flavors of the Mediterranean: family moments, cotton, wool, lavender, olive. The people of the Mediterranean and are the heros and the experiences they live in this place. Candia draws a journey to the Mediterranean that awakens the senses and encourages you to run, to love, to discover, to live.

CANDIA as the leading company in the field of furniture

CANDIA received 2 awards at a glittering Corporate Superbrands Greece 2018-2019 Awards Ceremony, on Monday, June 3, at the Athens Concert Hall where it was honored as one of the leading companies operating in our country.


Candia came in 1st place with the highest public preference score in the furniture category, given by the judges and the public, among all nominations in the category.

In a retail market made up of big players, international and domestic, CANDIA always manages to stand out, with its special communication strategy, while at the same time taking care of the high quality of its products.


The representative of the company, Mr. Michalis Velivasakis, says: "The award essentially seals the effort of a Greek company, for distinction and recognition both in the Greek and international markets. It is the 2nd year in a row for CANDIA and the unique global distinction of the Superbrand Awards, and this fills us with enthusiasm and desire to continue our dynamic course.”


The corporate campaign will also be accompanied by a product television spot, the flagship of the company's mattresses, the BODYFIX collection. In the advertising spot, we see within an olive grove an experienced craftsman to convey the secrets of nature and tradition to a handmade mattress, BODYFIX. A unique layer made entirely by hand, with 100% natural materials and CANDIA's global innovation, the process of fabrics with Olive Oil Treatment.CANDIA is the first company in Greece to manufacture the handmade BODYFIX layers in 1983 and exports to more than 12 countries abroad. By incorporating CANDIA's global innovation, the processing of fabrics with olive oil, the fabrics get a natural antibacterial protection and all the beneficial properties of olive oil. This complicated construction of a BODYFIX requires up to 24 hours and is made exclusively by skilled craftsmen.



An “awakening” in the Mediterranean from CANDIA. The launch of CANDIA’S new corporate image was held in the world-class exhibition, Salone del Mobile, at Milan.
At the international furniture & design exhibition in Milan, Salone del Mobile, on the 4th of April, was presented the new corporate image of the mattresses company CANDIA. The updated image is distinguished by the new modern logo keeping only the established brand name “CANDIA”, written with minimal new characters with a “fresh” red background color.
The new brand promise “WAKE UP IN THE MEDITERRANEAN” is an “awakening” in the world and the aura of the Mediterranean. This is the promise that Candia wants to convey to all customers who choose its products.
The company counts 40 years of experience in the mattress industry, with the 2nd generation of owners Michael & George Velivasakis successfully taking the wheel of the company. The strategy followed for the entrance in European and Asian markets was established with its unique collection of handmade mattresses, BODYFIX COLLECTION. Mattresses made entirely by hand by skilled artisans with 100% natural materials and the global innovation of fabrics treated with olive oil.  Mr. Michael Velivasakis quoted: "after 20 years of continuous presence in foreign markets we managed to gain the trust and love of consumers and hoteliers."


The new manifest of the company communicates a tribute to human roots, translating into a resting experience inspired by everything that we love and we enjoy on earth and in the sea of ​​the Mediterranean.

Candia invited in Salone del Mobile exhibition the visitors to experience the “Mediterranean Place", a place capable to remind us that the gifts of the Mediterranean Nature give birth to human virtues. This year's “call” is driven from the common memories of country places, the sun's intensity on the skin,  smells of the herbs , sand on the toes,  the sound and the “arms” of the sea,  the dry stone walls and olive trees, a Sunday gathering around a family table filled with natural goods, tastes and people's stories. And with this philosophy Candia manufactures "dream" mattresses, to give such a good and restful sleep that when you wake up you feel ready to enjoy every moment of the day full of energy and good mood.