The chain of support for our fellow human beings who lost everything due to the bad weather, Daniel caused, in Thessaly and Magnesia continues uninterrupted at the site of the volunteer group of Humanity Greece, Millerou 76 in Metaxourgeio. The volunteers of Humanity Greece, who from the first moment started the largest chain of solidarity in the country, travel day after day to all the villages and help coordinate and organize both the goods and the distribution of the items in the world.

Through the immediate response of the CANDIA company, brand new double and single mattresses were delivered to the villages of Armenio and Sotirio in Larissa which were given directly to the families who have managed to re-enter their homes. Both villages suffered biblical disasters from the bad weather Daniel while the village of Sotirio had even more after the passage of the bad weather Elias.

With targeted actions, Humanity Greece unites both citizens and businesses with the aim of contributing holistically to the relief of our fellow human beings who are affected by the effects of the climate crisis in our country.


#humanitygreece #candiacares

Run together Athens 2023

On a sunny morning, with lots of smiles and positive energy, we ran together at the 8th RUN TOGETHER ATHENS held in the surroundings of OAKA on Sunday, October 22.

The funniest race of the year offered beautiful moments to young and old people, with the images of hundreds of couples running TOGETHER and finishing hand in hand creating something unique that can only be experienced at RUN TOGETHER.

Runners of all ages participated with their loved ones in the most entertaining road race and sent the excitement sky high, while supporting the action of the Ionas Disabled Association & Libery Dogs with their participation.

Experienced, beginners, elite athletes, families, students, even our pet friends covered the 3, 6 and 9 km in pairs with a smile, mood and fun, flooding the Olympic facilities with joy.

Great participation from the #CANDIARUNNINGTEAM team as well, where there were 28 runners. Finally, CANDIA awarded all 2nd place winners with CANDIA sleep products.

The Ionas Association, which also had its own honor, participated with a group of 20 runners, athletes with disabilities, companions and friends of the association. The team members traveled the route with a smile and enjoyed their presence at the event.

The finishes with smiles and hugs offered nice images and emotions while at the finish area several surprises awaited the runners.


Run together Thessaloniki 2023

On April 23 we are running for a good cause. We support the A.M.E.A. CENTER "Sotir" and CANDIA will participate as a supporter of the Run Together 2023 race, which it will be held inside the TIF facilities under the auspices of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

It is a fun run that presents a unique experience to all participants. All participants run in pairs, encouraging their beloved partner, parent or child to join the fun. The available routes are 3, 6 and 9 kilometers.

Now you can win your entries and run with the CANDIA RUNNING TEAM.

Visit one of the following CANDIA stores and win!

Thessaloniki centre: Mitropoleos 92

Kalamaria: Geor. Papandreou 54

On April 11th, an electronic draw will take place and all winners will win, 2 sleeping pillows and their participation in the race.

The smile of the child

In the family of CANDIA, in Greece and all over the world, we are proud to have the ability to give back to society, a small portion of the trust we earn through the quality of our products and the level of service we provide. CANDIA consistently supports "The Smile of the Child" and at this time, covers all needs in mattresses and sleep products for the 11 houses of the "The Smile of the Child" organization as well as heating for one. #CANDIACARES #CSR

Pediatric Surgery department - Hippocratic Hospital of Thessaloniki

Understanding the difficult work you do and the needs of the Pediatric Surgery department, at Hippocratic Hospital of Thessaloniki, we donated the following mattresses & pillows:

  • 20pcs - 200x86x12cm  for single bed
  • 10pcs – 140x70x10cm for baby cradle
  • 2pcs – 155x80x10cm for baby cradle
  • 1pcs – 115x55x10cm for baby cradle
  • 1pcs – 180x55x5cm for hospital stretcher




Scientific Mastological Society of Detection and Support EMEIS

The company CANDIA supports the difficult and complex work of the "Scientific Mastological Society of Detection and Support" (EMEIS), through sales of its new product category, the "CANDIA Touch" white line. The CANDIA family chose to support this non-profit organization for its rich medical work, by providing free preventive examinations for women in the region with volunteer doctors, as well as the training it provides to young scientists to continue their work. EMEIS supports women in economic difficulties and suffering from breast cancer, by providing free surgical interventions and full medical care. CANDIA chose to support EMEIS, by incorporating a new product category in its range and designing a line dedicated to it from the beginning. Thus, it was launched in the stores a special line of products “CANDIA Touch”, with a percentage of sales being donated to EMEIS.

Candia supported the Municipality of Athens in the creation of the Multipurpose Center for the Homeless

Candia, the Greek company that offers innovative solutions and high-quality sleep products for the whole family, with a strong sense of responsibility and solidarity towards society, assisted the Municipality of Athens in carrying out a particularly important project such as the Multipurpose Center for the Homeless, located at the junction of Acharna and Liosia streets.

With respect to everyone's joint effort to successfully deal with the crisis and the safety of the citizens, Candia equipped the new structure with 44 single orthopedic mattresses. In this way, the company wanted to support the Municipality in creating one of the largest modern structures that are also a solution for the city.

Charalambos Velivasakis, CEO of Candia, said "In this difficult period that we are all experiencing, we could not not be present, not support an infrastructure project for today and tomorrow like the Multipurpose Homeless Center of the Municipality of Athens . With knowledge, respect and experience, Candia's family wants in this way to put their own little stone in the successful way out of this crisis. We are all together in this battle."

Donation to Byronas Forest & Natural Environment Protection Center

CANDIA responded to the request of the volunteers of the Byron Forest & Natural Environment Protection Center as well as the immediate intervention team. The need for the proper rest of the firefighters, especially during the summer season, was for 20 mattresses and 20 mattress protectors. So we immediately donated the above products to facilitate their work.

Return Ithaca - Periplus 2020 & 2021

In the summer of 2020, the exhibition Return Ithaca - Periplus took place where, an artist hosting program, in Ithaca, which was organized by Nina Kassianou in collaboration with Lambros Papanikolatos. The eight artists were hosted for 15 days on the island, to work and produce work inspired by the concepts and myths that emerge from the Odyssey epic.

So again this year, in the summer of 2021, R2I took place, where it is an international artistic program, with photography and the visual arts as its central axis, which through its actions – hosting residency, research, exhibitions, presentations, workshops, masterclasses, lectures, conferences, etc. – aims at the meeting of artists with each other and their art with the general public.

The R2I program includes the invitation and hosting of Greek and foreign artists for 15 days in Ithaca, to work and produce work, inspired by the concepts and myths that emerge from the Odyssey and Cavafy's poem "Ithaca".

At the same time, internationally renowned curators participate to support the work of the photographers and to work with them, in order to optimize the produced result.

All R2I events are open to local communities, with the aim of creating a channel of public communication with artistic expression and action.


CANDIA stands by the victims of "YANOS"

The CANDIA family expresses their sorrow for the lives lost and those affected by the Mediterranean hurricane "IANO".


Based on respect for our fellow human beings, who are experiencing difficult situations due to this particular natural disaster, in the areas of: Karditsa, Mouzaki Karditsa, Ithaca, Kefalonia and Zakynthos, CANDIA has set up an organized support and care mechanism, through its local partners and in this the framework undertakes to meet the needs of mattresses and beds for all affected natural persons.


Candia wants to thanks our partners who are helping to set up this chain of human aid to our fellow human beings who are being severely tested in the last few days.


Association for the Protection of the Unborn Child - THE HUG

The HUG Charitable Association exists for all those mothers who chose to bring their child into the world, listening only to its heartbeat.


It is a non-profit charitable association, founded in 1998, registered in the registers of the M.K.O. of the Subject of Health and Social Solidarity (National Registry number 09110 FFE16006O12N/0612 and Special Register of Voluntary Non -Governmental Organizations: 09110FSE16006O12N/0539).

Agalia, with selflessness, love and respect, supports women, married or unmarried, who for reasons of abandonment, abuse and socio-economic pressure force them to take the life of their fetus-child. The Association offers protection to the child, both during pregnancy and after its birth, and at the same time supports the parents morally and materially.

From the beginning of its establishment in 1998 until 2021, "The hug" has supported 7,800 families in total throughout Greece and more than 2,950 children have been born with its help. CANDIA strengthened their important work by donating 5 layers.


Association of Parents & Guardians "THE HOLY RESCUEERS"

The Association started in 1983 from a nucleus of 38 families of mentally retarded people. They were united by the common anxiety for the future of their children. Where will they live, who will take care of them? These and many other questions armed them, so they took the initiative to create their own Boarding School, where their children would find a permanent home, with the best possible conditions of safety and care, in a dignified and humane environment.

After many, hard and persistent efforts they managed to complete their goal. Today, 52 families participate in the Association of Parents and Guardians of Mentally Retarded Persons "THE HOLY RESCUERS" for the corresponding number of cared for persons. The operating license identifies the building as a home for 52 disabled people, with an IQ below 30%. CANDIA supports the Association's effort with the donation of 20 sleeping mattresses.

"Papamakaristos" Foundation for the child

The Pammakaristos Children's Foundation is a N.P.I.D., non-profit, especially charitable, that offers special education and welfare services to children and youth with autism and mental disabilities and other social deficits, since 1978 which was officially recognized by the Prefecture of Eastern Attica. The "PAMAKARISTOS" Children's Foundation is the evolution of the "PAMAKARISTOS Children's Fields", which were originally founded in 1945 by the Catholic Archdiocese of Athens.

It is based on real property of the "Holy Monastery of PAMAKARISTO THEOTOKOU" which includes buildings of 6,000 sq.m. on a total area of ​​twenty acres.

The "PAMAKARISTOS" Children's Foundation is managed by a seven-member, unpaid Board of Directors proposed by the Council of the Reverend Sisters of the "Holy Monastery of PAMAKARISTOS THEOTOKOU" and appointed by a decision of the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Marathon-Neas Makris.

The social needs to support all people who are disadvantaged and in need of help, due to serious social and educational/educational difficulties, became the central philosophy and the main purpose of the Foundation, from the very beginning.


CANDIA supports the foundation's work by donating 20 mattresses for the needs of the structure.


Thermi Health Center


The CANDIA family gladly responded to the request of the Thermi Health Center & the Airport Regional Clinic and donated 4 single mattresses, for the needs of its structures.

"GALILEE" Palliative Care Unit

CANDIA, a fellow traveler in the "GALILEE" project, supports every year with various donations, in order to cover various needs of the unit. Mr. Karagiannis, administrative officer of the unit, states:


"Thank you very much for supporting the work of GALILEA once again!


The recipients of all this effort are none other than our patients, and you also participate in this effort.


You are therefore a fellow traveler in the work of "GALILEA" and this is demonstrated in practice with your kind offer again this year."


M. Karagiannis