The smile of the child

In the family of CANDIA, in Greece and all over the world, we are proud to have the ability to give back to society, a small portion of the trust we earn through the quality of our products and the level of service we provide. CANDIA consistently supports "The Smile of the Child" and at this time, covers all needs in mattresses and sleep products for the 11 houses of the "The Smile of the Child" organization as well as heating for one. #CANDIACARES #CSR

Understanding the difficult work you do and the needs of the Pediatric Surgery department, at Hippocratic Hospital of Thessaloniki, we donated the following mattresses & pillows:

  • 20pcs - 200x86x12cm  for single bed
  • 10pcs – 140x70x10cm for baby cradle
  • 2pcs – 155x80x10cm for baby cradle
  • 1pcs – 115x55x10cm for baby cradle
  • 1pcs – 180x55x5cm for hospital stretcher




The company CANDIA supports the difficult and complex work of the "Scientific Mastological Society of Detection and Support" (EMEIS), through sales of its new product category, the "CANDIA Touch" white line. The CANDIA family chose to support this non-profit organization for its rich medical work, by providing free preventive examinations for women in the region with volunteer doctors, as well as the training it provides to young scientists to continue their work. EMEIS supports women in economic difficulties and suffering from breast cancer, by providing free surgical interventions and full medical care. CANDIA chose to support EMEIS, by incorporating a new product category in its range and designing a line dedicated to it from the beginning. Thus, it was launched in the stores a special line of products “CANDIA Touch”, with a percentage of sales being donated to EMEIS.