Quality and Environmental Policy

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The company CANDIA STROM MICHAEL VELIVASAKI BROTHERS SA having as a main strategic orientation its development in both Greece and abroad recognizes that Quality Assurance and Environmental Protection are paramount agents to meet the high level of customer requirements for reliable implementation of all business activities, with modern environmental care.

100% of the energy consumed by CANDIA at its facilities and retail stores during the period January-December 2021 & 2022 with electricity produced from 100% renewable energy sources.

In order to meet this objective, the Top Management and the staff of our company are committed to the continuous implementation of the Quality & Environment System , which meets the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, respectively, and is fully compliant with regulations for safety and environmental protection, as defined by National  and Community Legislation  and the other compliance obligations.



Our purpose is :





while our pursuit is:





All the staff working for CANDIA STROM MICHAEL VELIVASAKI BROTHERS SA will constantly ensure that the products and services provided by the company fulfill customer requirements and comply with the requirements or specifications for the purpose they are intended to.

At the same time, all the personnel working in this company will make every effort to ensure that, with systematic care and within the framework of the applicable environmental system , the wastes of the company and the environmental impact of energy consumption, will be reduced steadily as far as possible.

Management is committed to:

•               Systematic monitoring of the system’s effectiveness and suitability

•               Systematic monitoring and compliance with the environmental compliance obligations relating to the environmental aspects of the company as well as other legal requirements related to its operation.

•               Ensure that operations are performed in accordance with compliance obligations.

•               Systematic identification, assessment and control of environmental impacts arising from its activities, including external providers, customers and stakeholders.

•               Protect the natural environment by preventing any harmful change and degradation that could be caused by the operations of the business.

•               Environment protection, including pollution prevention, sustainable use of resources, mitigation and adaptation to climate change and the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.

•               The minimization and rational management of its waste and the parallel increase of the materials to be recycled compared to those available for disposal.

•               Continuous education and training of staff and their encouragement to active participation on an individual and team level, in the field of operation, in order to achieve environmental objectives, to avoid environmental pollution, to preserve natural resources and to ensure the improvement of the Quality and Environment System.

•               Safe and effective management of all kinds of elements , data and information, as well as property that may come to its knowledge, when working with customers, their management exclusively by competent individuals , and their non-disclosure to third parties for any reason.

•               Continuous effort of providing quality services with the ultimate goal of increasing customer satisfaction and improving competitiveness.

•               Systematic updating of the company with the most recent developments in the sector in which it operates or the activity of the company.

•               Developing bonds based on harmonious cooperation with customers and suppliers

•               The continuous improvement of the quality of the services provided, the way of dealing with the environment as well as the Quality and Environmental Management System, through the development of the evaluation of procedures and related indicators.

•               Promoting open dialogue and informing stakeholders in a spirit of honest and mutual respect.

•               The reasoned research for causes of problems and weaknesses so as to identify and implement the necessary corrective and/or preventive actions in order to avoid their reoccurrence.

•               The provision of resources at every level (human - material - financial) that will contribute to the continuous improvement of the System. 

To this end, all company processes will be systematically monitored and measured wherever possible. Based on this monitoring, objectives will be set. Effective monitoring, achievement and demarcation of new targets will be reviewed – systematically through the implementation of quality and environmental system by the Senior Management itself.


The Management Representative for the Quality and Environment will be the Head of the Quality Department. Based on this role, he will have the authority to monitor, correct and be assigned to the Senior Management whenever required to ensure the continued application of the documented system for quality and the environment, in all company’s operational activities.


CANDIA SA, in addition, asks external providers, but also any other interested party to embrace its principles, guiding them to operate in accordance with them.


Finally, this policy is available for information to staff, customers, suppliers, and any interested party.